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Whoooo 500 followers, thanks babes

like my last tumblr hit 500 after like 6 months, but it’s only been 3 freaking months here

ily, so here’s a gif of me right fcking now



i know that we all poke fun at the fact that Leo hasnt won any oscars but i am legitimately pissed that he hasnt

just look at everythig he’s done, you cant tell me that he didnt deserve that fucking oscar more than anyone else


new icon, eh



I thought Tom must have needed Benedict beside him, because there were many photographs of Benedict in the room.

Tom seems like telling Ben “So…are you seeing someone nowdays?” and Ben is just smiling XD

I know I don’t post here often anymore but I really need to let some feelings out. So basically about a year ago I started self-harming. Mostly cutting my wrists and thighs. Though I did manage to stop.

But now, the last month I’ve just really felt like starting again. I don’t know how long I can resist the urge to cut. I keep looking at my wrists and thinking about it and it makes me feel so bad about my self since I’ve been free of it for a little less than a year. It honestly feels like something is eating me up from the inside and all i want to do is pick up my old knife…

help me what the hell should i do??

Does it need saying?


Pretty little liars on We Heart It